Statement on the Sutherland Springs Tragedy


Once again a young man with an apparent years-long history of domestic violence was allowed to purchase a military-style assault weapon and gun down more than two dozen people, half of them children, at a small church outside of San Antonio, Texas.

Futures Without Violence expresses our deep sadness and support to those who have suffered the unimaginable.

We also call out urgently for members of Congress and leaders in the states to take action to prevent domestic abusers from purchasing or possessing guns.

While we know feelings run strong on the issue of gun violence, we also know that this is one area where the nation is largely united.

This was not a random act by a madman, but a calculated attack. Not every act of violence can be prevented, but many can.

We must not give up, and we ask you to join us in this fight.


Esta Soler
Founder & President