The Y-Factor: Men Leading by Example

YFactorlogo_aloneWe believe men play a critical role in ending violence against women and children throughout the world. In 2012, FUTURES hosted the first Y Factor: Men Leading by Example, an interactive summit to champion men throughout the world who are leading programs that teach young people about respecting women and girls, and ending gender-based violence.

The one-day event was filled with all-American heroes, unconventional advocates, committed public figures, and journalists who explored topics ranging from social media to the rise of sexual assault on college campuses. Held in our Open Square conference center at FUTURES, the event was built around panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, and an all-star luncheon that paid tribute to baseball legends Willie Mays and Joe Torre. Some highlights of the day included:

  • A conversation with world middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, an Argentina-born boxer who was bullied as a child and is now actively engaged in promoting efforts to end violence against women;
  • A conversation with baseball greats Willie Mays and Joe Torre, led by KNBR broadcaster Marty Lurie focusing on the importance of mentors – and the capacity for coaches to teach athletes about healthy behavior both on and off the field;
  • Malcolm Astley, whose college-bound daughter Lauren was murdered by her high-school boyfriend, telling the audience what’s at stake if violence against women and girls does not come to an end;
  • Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi honoring the history of individuals and groups who have crusaded to end violence against children;
  •  Vice President Joe Biden sending a heartfelt video featuring personal remarks that lauded the leaders in the room as well as the ongoing work;
  • Recognizing the crucial role that advocate Cindy Waitt has made in building and sustaining violence prevention programs in the U.S.

Since the initial Y Factor program in 2012, FUTURES has partnered with organizations across the country to develop local Y Factor events to highlight the leadership of men in preventing violence against women. To learn more about hosting a Y Factor event in your community, contact