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3/26 – 8/27/2024 Centering Survivor Dignity: Applying the Wisdom of Social Movements to Address Health Needs (webinar series last Tuesdays of the month)
Archived Recordings

Date Title
7/11/2024 Risk Factors for Abuse Against Older Adults: What Judges Should Know  
7/10/2024 The Accidental Public Speaker: Moving Through the Anxiety to Deliver an Impactful Speech 
6/12/2024 Social & Structural Determinants of Elder Mistreatment: What Courts Should Know  
3/25/2024 Rethinking Protection: Keeping Domestic Violence Survivors Out of Child Welfare  
3/6/2024 Meaningful Engagement and Partnership with Lived Experience Experts of Human Trafficking, Domestic, and Sexual Abuse  
2/14/2024 Reimagining Aging: An Afrofuturist Approach to Healing Elder Abuse and Advancing Racial Justice 
2/14/2024 Rethinking Protection: Innovating to Advance Safety, Well-being, and Justice 
1/25/2024 Supporting Survivors of Trafficking with Intellectual Disabilities: Prevention and Response Through Multi-Systems Collaboration
12/3/2023 Rethinking Protection: A New Angle on Accountability
11/29/2023 Lessons Learned from Judicial Education on Elder Abuse
10/18/2023 Rethinking Protection: Collaborating to Create  Survivor-Centered Systems
10/4/2023 & 10/18/2023 Leading Educational Support Groups Webinar Series / Impartición de grupos de apoyo educativo
4.25.2023 Access, Care, and Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence and Coercion: A SAAM Panel for Healthcare Providers
2/28/2023, 3/23/2023, 3/30/2023 Shared Leadership (3-part Webinar Series)
3/15/2022 Strengthening Domestic and Sexual Violence Programs to Support Trafficking Survivors: Intersections, Equity, Cultural Humility, and Collaborations
2/23/2023 Helplines for Abusive Partners? Why? (Or Why Not?)
12/1/2022 Supporting Survivor Health Access Webinar Series: Open Enrollment 
10/12/2022 HCADV Day 2022: Reproductive Justice is Survivor Justice
10/31/2022 National Health Collaborative on Violence and Abuse Virtual Briefing on Intersection of Reproductive Health and Violence and Abus 
10/27/2022 Developing an Engaged Board of Directors to Advance Equity  
10/12/2022 Building Bridges: Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Specialists Making a Difference in Child Welfare 
9/22/2022 Intersection of Human Trafficking and Substance Use: Trauma-Informed Care and Collaboration Strategies  to Support Survivors 
9/21/2022 Building Healing Environments for Children and Youth Impacted by Violence 
8/23/2022 Centering Equity in Multisector Collaborations 
6/9/2022 Living Our Values:  Supervision and Feedback for Survivor-Serving Organizations, Question-and-Answer Dialogue
3/23/2022, 4/27/22, 5/25/22 Lessons Learned About Survivor-Centered Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic (3-part Webinar Series)
3/24/2022 Collaborating with Culturally Specific Community-Based Programs to Support Survivors of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
3/17/2022 Collaborative Community Resource Mapping to Support Survivors of Human Trafficking, and Domestic and Sexual Violence
2/22/2022 Lessons Learned from Project Catalyst: State/Territory-Wide Transformation on Health, Intimate Partner Violence, and Human Trafficking
1/27/2022 Collaboration with Employment Agencies to Increase access to Economic opportunities for Survivors of HT/DV/SA
1/25/2022 Session 3: Promoting Workforce Wellness and Resilience (2021 ARP COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines and Mobile Health Units Supplemental Funding Technical Assistance)
1/18/2022  NHCVA Presentation: Federal Policy Update 2022
12/9 & 16/2021   Living Our Values:  Supervision and Feedback for Survivor-Serving Organizations, Two Part Series
1/11/2022  Session 2: Increasing Access to Support Services for Survivors (2021 ARP COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines and Mobile Health Units Supplemental Funding Technical Assistance)
12/7/2021  Session 1: Partnerships, Practices, Policies and Products to Support COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines and Mobile Health Units for Survivors (2021 ARP COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines and Mobile Health Units Supplemental Funding Technical Assistance
12/1/2021  Building Collaborative Responses with Community Health Centers to Support Survivors at the Intersection of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Human Trafficking
10/13/2021 HCADV Day 2021: Discussing the impact of COVID-19 and other public health emergencies on survivor health, community health, and looking towards new collaborative prevention efforts
7/27/21  How to Tell a Story, Part 2 
7/22/21 Virtual Hill Briefing: Maternal Mortality and Intimate Partner Violence 
7/8/21 How to Tell a Story, Part 1
6/23/21 21st Century Cures Act: Considerations for working with survivors of intimate partner violence 
6/10/21  Learning through Interactivity: Creating Meaningful and Accessible Interactivity
6/2/21  Supporting Family Resiliency through Relationships with Animals: A Three Part Series 
5/27/21  Practical Tools for Supporting Survivors’ Mental Health in the Workplace (Part 2)
5/26/21  Learning through Interactivity: Creating Curiosity through Learning Activities 
5/14/21  Integrating Behavioral Health Approaches to Address Gender, Violence and Homelessness
5/12/21  Practical Tools for Supporting Survivors’ Mental Health in the Workplace (Part 1)
5/5/21  Supporting Family Resiliency through Relationships with Animals: Part Two 
4/7/21  Supporting Family Resiliency through Relationships with Animals: Part One  
3/24/21  Intimate Partner Violence and Human Trafficking: Collaboration between Medical Legal Partnerships, FQHCs, and Domestic Violence Programs 
3/24/21  Addressing Adolescent Relationship Abuse in School-Based Health Care 
1/20/21  Increasing Staff Capacity to Respond to Intimate Partner Violence/Human Trafficking During COVID-19 
12/16/20 Supporting Survivors at the Intersection of Immigration and Child Welfare
12/14/20 Building Intimate Partner Violence/Human Trafficking Partnerships Between Community Health Centers and Domestic Violence Advocacy Programs
12/3/20  Virtual Hill Briefing – Preventing and Addressing Elder Abuse during COVID-19
10/29/20 Advancing Innovative School-Based Health Strategies to Reduce Trauma, Advance Equity, and Help California Children Heal
9/30/20 Organizational Resiliency in Managing Challenges within Survivor-Serving Organizations  
9/22/20 Legal Services & Advocacy Collaboration to Support Trafficked Survivors of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault During COVID-19 
7/29/20 Building Back Better: Reimagining the Justice System to Better Serve and Protect Families 
6/25/20 NHCVA Webinar – Telehealth Visits: Increasing Safety for People at Risk for Abuse 
6/17/20 Q & A: Creating a Virtual Education That Sticks  
6/3/20  Supporting the Health and Economic Needs of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault and Trafficking Survivors During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency 
5/20/20  Innovation on Demand Part 3: Well-being as a Pathway to Safety 
5/14/20  Strategies to Enhance Employee Resilience and Engagement within Survivor-Serving Organizations 
5/14/20  Innovation on Demand Part 2: Advancing Collaboration during COVID-19 to Protect Children and Families 
5/13/20 Racism, Domestic Violence & Black Maternal Mortality – What Can Advocates Do? 
5/8/20 Remote Home Visitation: Supporting clients experiencing Intimate Partner Violence in the Time of COVID-19 
5/4/20  Innovation on Demand Part 1: Implementing Culturally-Responsive and Trauma-Informed Services and Family-Centered Practice During COVID-19 
4/20/20 What Do You Think About Web Training? 
4/20/20 Invisible Injuries: Traumatic Brain Injury, Strangulation and Domestic Violence 
3/16/20 Engaging Dads: Findings from the Preventing and Addressing Intimate Violence when Engaging Dads (PAIVED) Study 
2/4/2020 Lessons Learned: Supporting Indigenous Children and Families Experiencing Domestic Violence 
1/29/2020 Strengthening Domestic and Sexual Violence Programs for Trafficked Survivors: Enhancing Identification, Case Management and Advocacy 
1/21/2020 Survivor Strategies to Generate Income: Opportunities through Independent Contracting 
1/17/2020 Beyond Checking the Boxes: A Discussion on Education Program Evaluations  
12/12/2019  Core Values and Domestic & Sexual Violence Organizations 
12/11/2019  Language Access in Educational Design and Delivery/ Acceso al Lenguaje en el Diseño y Entrega Educativa 
11/19/2019 NHCVA Webinar – A Change Package for Advancing Trauma Informed Care in Primary Care settings
10/30/2019 How State/Territory, Tribal, and Federal Health Policies Can Promote Survivor Health, Preserve Autonomy, and Protect Confidentiality
10/23/2019 New Funding Announcement Q&A: Project Catalyst Phase III
10/16/2019 Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day *Facebook Live* Event
10/10/2019 Addressing Stigma within Healthcare and Social Service Provision
10/3/2019  Succession Planning within Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Organizations, Part 2 
9/25/2019 NHCVA Webinar – Children in Detention: Critical Clinical, Legal, Policy, and Human Rights Issues for Health Professionals
9/17/2019  Supporting Families Experiencing Domestic Violence who are Involved in the Child Welfare System: Lessons Learned from the Specialized Services for Abused Parents and Children Program 
9/10/2019 Information Session: Promoting Employment Opportunities for Survivors of Trafficking Institute 
8/28/2019 Building Sustainable Partnerships between Human Trafficking Services and Workforce Development Programs 
8/22/2019 Collaborative Strategies and Tools to Meet the Needs of Survivors of Human Trafficking 
07/30/2019  Job Training and Employment Opportunities for Survivors of Trafficking through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act 
6/27/2019  2020 NCHDV Call for Abstracts: How-to Submit Webinar 
6/26/2019 Human Trafficking and Its Impacts on Employment 
6/12/2019  Healthy Moms, Happy Babies Part II: Healing Approaches to Preventing and Responding to Domestic Violence in Home Visitation Settings 
5/29/2019  Healthy Moms Happy Babies: Healing Approaches to Preventing and Responding to Domestic Violence in Home Visitation Programs  
5/22/19  Building Skills and Obtaining Employment: Understanding Opportunities and Resources Available through Local Workforce Systems 
4/11/19 Promoting Employment Opportunities for Survivors of Human Trafficking 
4/4/19 Integrating Assessment for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking into Advocacy Programs:  Promising Practices and Emerging Tools 
3/27/19 Fostering Safer Workplaces: Addressing Domestic Violence in a Business Setting 
3/27/19 How Could Proposed Changes to Medicaid Impact Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence?   
3/25/19 Addressing Alcohol’s Role in Campus Sexual Assault  
3/14/19 Support for your Organizational Infrastructure: What We Can Do For You 
2/19/19 That’s Not Cool: Teen Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships in the Digital Age
1/31/19 What Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations Can Do to Address Human Trafficking 
12/10/18  Healing Centered Engagement: The Role of health providers and the myPlan decision aid app in rethinking harm reduction and trauma-informed care 
11/14/18  The Impact of Health Advocacy on Survivor Health Access: Key findings and recommendations from a data pilot 
11/13/18  Adult Learning in the Context of Judicial and Law Enforcement Education 
10/24/18 Creating and Implementing Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Programs with Graduate Students: Principles and Practices 
10/23/18 Evidence-Based and Emerging Interventions for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence 
10/22/18 Financial Exploitation and Abuse of Older Adults: Building Court-Community Collaborations 
10/18/18 New Funding Announcement Q+A: Project Catalyst Phase II 
10/10/18 How are Health Care Providers and DV Advocates Working Together? A #HCADVDay #DVAM Webinar
9/25/18 Workplace Policies and How They Support or Contradict Core Values
9/20/18 Providing Support through Organizational Transitions
9/13/18 Domestic Violence in Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs: Developing Effective Responses
9/12/18 IPV/HT and Substance Abuse and Treatment, with a lens on Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Programs and DV Agencies
8/30/18 How Employers Can Build a Framework to Address Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Workplace
8/17/18 Beyond Halal and Haram: Muslims, Sex, and Relationships
8/8/18 Evidence-Based “CUES Intervention” to Address IPV/Human Trafficking in Primary Care Settings, and Tools for Ryan White-Funded HIV Programs
8/8/18 Campus Sexual and Dating Violence: The Role of Campus Health Centers
7/30/18 What’s Your Agenda? How to Craft Meaningful Agendas
7/25/18 Succession Planning Within Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations
5/10/18 Beginning with the End in Mind: Instructional Design Basics
4/3/18 Why Screen? The Importance of an Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool for LGBQ/T Communities and Families
2/26/18 Strategies for Centralizing the Voices of Young People of Color in Anti-Violence Work
12/14/17 The Benefits of Mentorship: Empower, Lead, Succeed in Organizations Serving Survivors of Violence
12/12/17 Considering Children: How the Opioid Epidemic Affects Child Survivors of Domestic Violence
12/5/17 Open Enrollment! How DV Advocates Can Help Survivors Access Health Care
11/19/17 Conducting a Thoughtful Needs Assessment: A Comprehensive Approach to Program Design for Adult and Children Survivors of DV
11/2/17 New HRSA/FVPSA Funding Announcement Q+A
10/31/17 Supporting Survivor Access to Health Care: Open Enrollment, Updates on Changes to Health Policy and Implications for Survivors
10/27/17 Preventing Intimate Partner Violence: Exploring the CDC’s Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Technical Package
9/19/17  Centering Survivor Leadership at the Intersections of Oppression
9/01/17  Q&A on Applying as a Research and Capacity Building Project 
8/31/17 Respect Effect: A New Tool for Teen Dating Violence Prevention 
5/25/17 Patient-Centered Approach to Domestic Violence in Health Settings 
5/24/17 Improving Health Outcomes Through Violence Prevention: Model Partnerships Between Community Health Centers and Domestic and Sexual Violence Programs 
4/27/17 Addressing Dating and Sexual Violence and Harrassment in School-Based Health 
4/26/17 Leading with Emotional Intelligence 
4/17/17 Implementation Science: What Does it Take to Improve Outcomes? 
4/4/17 ACTIVATE YOUR SCHOOL: How-to-Guide for hosting an Audrie & Daisy Screening at a Local High School 
3/30/17 FIGHTING FOR CHANGE: Make Your Voice Heard With Your Elected Officials 
3/21/17 Case Management Approaches to Support Trafficked Victims/Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 
2/1/17 What’s the Dish?: Teen DV Month Last Minute Call to Action Menu 
1/19/17 Collaborating to Address the Needs of Trafficked Survivors with Disabilities 
1/18/17 Intimate Partner Violence and Pregnancy 
12/1/16 Collaborating to Address Trafficking in Rural Communities:  Lessons from the Field
11/29/16 NIFDV Radio Show – Releasing Silos
11/17/16 2017 NCHDV Call for Abstracts: Ask the Experts
11/16/16 A Cross-Sector Model for Addressing Gender-Based Violence Impacting the Workplace 
11/16/16 Trauma-Informed Care for Refugees and Children
11/16/16 Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care for Organizations
10/26/16 Defending Childhood: Lessons Learned on Leadership, Social Change and Building Community
10/20/16 Legal Aspects of Human Trafficking for Health Providers
10/18/16 Supporting Safety and Change: A policy Framework for Engaging with Men Who Use Violence
9/27/16 Trauma-Informed Approaches to Working With Immigrant Children
9/7/16 Trauma-informed Approaches to Domestic Violence Exposure, Adverse Childhood Experiences And Resiliency: Opportunities For Early Child Care Providers
8/24/16 We Believe Moms Matter: Enhancing Child Welfare Responses to Mothers Experience Domestic Violence
8/24/16 Context and Practice: Trauma-Informed Approaches to Building Affirming Environments for LGBTQ + Youth
8/12/16 Healthy Moms, Happy Babies: Using the Relationship Assessment Tool and Universal Education
8/9/16 Building Trauma Informed Tribal Child Welfare Systems: New Shifts in Policy and Practice 
8/8/16 Strong Collaborative, Strong Families: Co-Located Domestic Violence Services Within Child Welfare
7/28/16 Assessing Trauma-Informed Practice: Lessons Learned From a Trauma Audit
7/15/16 Building Competence and Resilience in Children and Parents: The Advocate as Change Agent
7/11/16 Introduction to Labor and Sex Trafficking: A Health Care & Human Rights Challenge 
5/31/16 Overview of Nonprofit Digital Strategy  
5/25/16 Measuring Trauma-Informed Practice: Tools for Organizations 
5/24/16 Collaborating with Community Based Organizations and Faith Based Communities to Address Human Trafficking 
5/17/16 Labor Trafficking and the Intersection of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault 
5/4/16 Addressing and Responding to Domestic and Sexual Violence in Healthcare Settings 
4/26/16 Assembling the Pieces: Tools to Build an Effective Board 
4/19/16 Building Promising Futures: Guidelines and Outcome Measures for Enhancing Response of Domestic Violence Programs to Children & Youth 
4/14/16 Reimbursement and Payment Strategies for DV/Health Partnership
4/13/16 Promising Futures: Capacity Assessment for DV/SV Programs for Supporting Children, Youth, and Parents 
4/8/16 Expanding Healthy Moms/Happy Babies: Spotlight on Our New Young Mothers Safety Card 
4/4/16 Beyond Screening: A Patient-Centered Approach to Domestic Violence 
3/16/16 The News About Childhood Trauma: Findings and Implications 
3/14/16 Addressing and Preventing Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence in Campus Health Centers 
3/7/16 Domestic Violence, Mental Health, And Substance Use Coercion 
2/25/16 Promoting Healthy Teen Relationships in Pediatric Health Settings
2/23/16 That’s Not Cool: Mobilizing Youth Communities for Teen Dating Violence Prevention & Education
2/17/16 Navigating Fund Development Strategies During Transition
1/13/16 New Public Health Strategies for Violence Prevention
12/1/15 Gender Based Violence, Health, and HIV: Intersections and Implications for Clinicians 
11/19/15 Open Enrollment: How the Affordable Care Act can help patients experiencing abuse 
11/19/15 Ending the Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: A Public Health Approach 
10/26/15 Applicant Webinar on Funding Announcement: “Phase II to Identify and Provide Brief Counseling on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in PCMH Recognized Health Centers” 
10/21/15 Improving Health Outcomes through Violence Prevention 
10/21/15 Returning to Being Good Relatives: Addressing Lateral Oppression and Violence 
10/15/15 Achieving Access for Parents and Children 
10/5/15 Workplace Responses to Domestic Violence 
9/24/15 Take Part in Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day 2015! 
8/19/15 Keeping it Confidential in California: New Privacy Protections Under CHIA 
8/5/15 Exploring and Addressing Equity Issues Across Sectors 
7/28/15 Special Enrollment Period for Survivors: How the Affordable Care Act can help patients experiencing domestic and interpersonal violence 
7/23/15 Trauma Informed and Equitable Approaches to Training Development and Implementation 
7/15/15 Addressing the Effects of Violence and Abuse to Improve the Health Outcomes of Women Living with HIV 
6/30/15 Secondary Traumatic Stress Workshop 
6/24/15 Defending Childhood Website Launch: New Innovations for Addressing Children’s Exposure to Violence 
6/17/15 Talking to Legislators and Other Policymakers 
5/20/15 Elder Abuse: Raising Awareness and Impact on Health
4/25/15 Trauma-informed Approaches to Domestic Violence Exposure, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resiliency 
2/24/15 Mitigating Childhood Trauma in Indian Country: Community and Policy-level Recommendations 
2/4/15 Open Enrollment AND Beyond: How the Affordable Care Act can help patients experiencing domestic and interpersonal violence
01/29/15 Building Stronger Collaborations With Domestic Violence Agencies and Addressing Programmatic Barriers to Screening:  Healthy Moms Happy Babies 2nd Edition, 2015 Has Answers
01/27/15 Voices of Formerly Incarcerated Leaders: A Growing National Movement
01/26/15 Campus Sexual Assault: What Clinicians Need to Know
12/18/14 Applying an Adolescent Wellbeing Focus in Juvenile Justice Assessment and Treatment Planning
11/13/14 Tools for Connecting the Dots: Latest Research and Innovative Strategies Honoring Linkages Between Multiple Forms of Violence
10/30/14 Incorporating a Trauma Informed Approach to Social Emotional Learning in Diverse Community Settings
10/30/14 New Updates on How the Affordable Care Act can Help Patients Experiencing Domestic and Interpersonal Violence 
9/24/14 Traditional Cultural Mentoring for Native Children and Youth
9/10/14 From Associates to Allies: Forging Public Sector Partnerships that Prevent Violence 
7/31/14 All Communities are Not Created Equal: How a Health Equity Approach Enhances Violence Prevention Efforts 
5/9/14 Extended ACA Enrollment Period and Hardship Exemptions for Victims of Domestic Violence
5/14/14 Human Trafficking: The Role of the Healthcare
5/1/14 Improving Existing, and Creating New Gendered Violence Prevention Programs and Policies on College Campuses: An Organizing Approach
4/17/14 Domestic Violence, Adolescent Relationship Abuse and Mandatory Reporting in California
3/26/14 The NJ and NY Initiatives on DV Advocates Co-Located in Local Child Protective Offices
1/21/14 Supporting Our Troops’ Families: The Impact of Family Violence on Military Families
3/26/14 Lessons Learned from Abusive Men on the Journey to Nonviolence
11/19/13 Building A Health Care Response to Human Trafficking
10/29/13 What Domestic Violence Advocates Need to Know About How New Health Policy Changes Can Help Survivors of Domestic Violence
9/17/13 Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships – Evaluation outcomes from a four-year, multi-million dollar initiative on promoting healthy relationships and preventing teen dating violence
8/7/13 Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships – School and District Policies
7/17/13 Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships – In-and Out-of-school Settings
6/26/13 Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships – Social Marketing and Communications
6/18/13 Redefining Safety Planning in the Context of Reproductive Coercion: Integrating Assessment for Emergency Contraception Within Domestic Violence Shelter and Advocacy Programs
6/5/13 Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships – Influencers
6/4/13 Gun Violence: The Healthcare Provider’s Role in Prevention Webinar
5/23/13 Tribal Laws: Protecting the Sacredness of Our Children
5/15/13 Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships – Overview
5/7/13 Promoting Wellness: Incorporating Health Care into Advocacy
5/3/13 Group Work with Mothers Experiencing Domestic Violence and their Children in Wisconsin
3/25/13 A Survivor’s Journey: Understanding the Health Impact of Abuse and Paths to Promote Wellness
3/18/13 Good Solutions Solve Multiple Problems: Addressing the Links Between Multiple Forms of Violence
3/14/13 Workplace Protections For Survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking
3/6/13 Shifting the Paradigm: Building Program Capacity to Effectively Serve Mothers and their Children Together in Domestic Violence Programs
2/20/13 Promoting Healthy Teen Relationships: Preventing Teen Dating Violence
2/19/13 Addressing Domestic Violence within Home Visitation Settings: Children Exposed to Domestic Violence & Its Impact on Parenting
1/31/13 Part 2: Strengthening Healthcare-based Domestic Violence Programs through Evaluation
1/25/13 Trauma Informed Care: The Role of the Health Care Provider Webinar
1/8/13 Part 1: Strengthening Healthcare-based Domestic Violence Programs through Evaluation
11/19/12 Addressing Domestic Violence in Home Visitation Settings: Screening, Assessment & Safety Planning
10/10/12 School-based Health Services, Adolescent Health and Anticipatory Guidance for DV/SA
8/14/12 Project Connect 2.0 State/Territory Application
7/24/12 New DHHS Recommendation for Domestic Violence Screening and Counseling
6/21/12 Addressing Domestic Violence in Home Visitation Programs: Opportunities for Holistic Programming and Partnerships
5/23/12 Child Sexual Abuse: Health Consequences and the Role of the Health Care Provider
2/27/12 Teen Dating Violence and Reproductive Coercion: Innovative Opportunities for Programs and Partnerships
9/27/11 Bullying: Health Consequences and Role of the Health Care Provider Webinar