promoting employment opportunities for survivors of trafficking

The Promoting Employment Opportunities for Survivors of Trafficking (PEOST) Training and Technical Assistance Project, in cooperation with the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), aims to increase access to quality educational and employment opportunities for survivors of gender-based violence with an emphasis on the unique needs of survivors of human trafficking. PEOST provides, resources, training, and technical assistance opportunities to victim service providers, with a special emphasis on current OVC human trafficking grantees, as well as workforce development programs in order to:

  • foster and/or strengthen partnerships between and among victim service providers, local workforce development programs, and educational institutions;
  • build the capacity of victim service providers and workforce development programs to enhance services to promote greater access to quality employment opportunities for survivors of trafficking; and,
  • develop economic empowerment programming that support resilience and prepare survivors of trafficking for success when pursuing their education, training, and employment goals.

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Vetting Job Training and Employment Partners: Key Questions for Victim Service Agencies
This resource offers guiding questions when identifying and vetting potential workforce development partners and their fit for economic empowerment programming.

Join PEOST for monthly office hours to learn more about FUTURES and the Promoting Employment Opportunities for Survivors of Trafficking Project. This environment is ideal for networking with others, peer learning, collective review of key strategies and resources, and receiving group feedback/technical assistance. Sign up here.

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