Building Collaborative Responses to Human Trafficking

Woman in counselingHuman trafficking is modern-day slavery involving people being bought, sold, and forced into slave labor and/or sexual exploitation. The United Nations recently reported that four million people are traded each year against their will to work in servitude in their own country or around the globe. Many are trafficked into the United States. It’s estimated that eighty percent of trafficking victims are women and girls.

FUTURES provides training and technical assistance to organizations seeking to work collaboratively to effectively respond to human trafficking in their communities. Our interactive training opportunities bring together professionals from law enforcement, immigration, and violence prevention in order to advance best practices in preventing trafficking and keeping victims safe.

To request technical assistance or for more information on the Building Collaborative Responses Project, please contact Monica Arenas at:

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Upcoming training:

There are no upcoming training opportunities at this time. For technical assistance or follow up from the May 2017 training, please reach out to Monica Arenas.