Voices of Formerly Incarcerated Leaders: A Growing National Movement

Title: Voices of Formerly Incarcerated Leaders: A Growing National Movement

Date Recorded: Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Description: In today’s era of mass incarceration, extreme sentencing of youth, barriers to successful re-entry, and other challenges in the justice system, there is an emerging awareness that in order to foster meaningful change, we must first learn and utilize the unique insights of those directly impacted – or as Glenn E. Martin would put it, “those who are closest to the problem are those closest to the solutions.” Amplifying that awareness is a growing national movement of formerly incarcerated leaders who not only exemplify change in their own lives, but have also demonstrated the power to help change the narrative of those directly impacted and champion the cause of equal justice through innovative approaches to reform. Listen to their stories, what brought them to this important work and what innovative approaches they are using to address the systemic failures that have hitherto perpetuated the cycles of incarceration and the unfair treatment of youth and adults in the American justice system.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the value of our diverse, yet collective, efforts to humanize the justice system
  • Learn how to get involved and support formerly incarcerated leaders
  • Think of ways that formerly incarcerated leaders can inform their work and advocacy efforts


  • James Anderson, Program Administrator, Anti-Recidivism Coalition
  • Glenn E. Martin, Founder and Chief Risk Taker, JustLeadershipUSA
  • Xavier McElrath-Bey, Youth Justice Advocate, Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth
  • Charleston White, Founder, Hyped about HYPE

Tools and Resources: