We Are Worthy: American Indian/Alaska Native Safety Card

We Are Worthy SafetycardWe Are Worthy is a safety card for women and girls of reproductive age who live in Alaska, including those from Alaska Native villages. The card may be distributed by health care providers, social service providers, advocates, health teachers, and others as part of routine care, or as part of advocacy support, or educational groups. In addition to providing information, positive messages, and safety resources for women, this tool also functions as a prompt for health and behavioral health care providers by providing quick phrases to improve discussions with women about the impact of relationship violence and sexual violence on their overall health and the health of their pregnancies and children.

This card was co-created with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and the Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project, and is based on feedback from (primarily) Alaska Native and American Indian women and girls from many rural villages, small towns, and cities in Alaska. The safety card outlines questions women may ask themselves about their relationships, their sexual and reproductive rights, how relationships may influence their health such as with substance use, depression, and drinking during pregnancy. It does this while offering supportive messages that a woman who is experiencing these things is not alone, and while providing referrals to national support services for help. Although developed in Alaska, the content applies for a national audience. Additional versions are available that include Alaska region-specific DV shelter numbers. This 4-panel double sided tool folds up to the size of a business card (3.5″ x 2″).

To request hard copies, please visit: www.anthc.org (Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium) or email a request to Jo Gottschalk at Jo.gottschalk@alaska.gov.

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