Integrating Behavioral Health Approaches to Address Gender, Violence and Homelessness

Title: Integrating Behavioral Health Approaches to Address Gender, Violence and Homelessness

Date: Friday, May 14th at 12p Pacific/1p Mountain/2pm Central/3pm Eastern (90 minutes)

Description: Futures Without Violence and The National Health Care for the Homeless Council are excited to offer a national webinar addressing gender, homelessness and a constellation of intersecting issues including substance use disorder, mental health, homelessness, human trafficking (HT) and interpersonal violence (IPV). We will highlight strategies to strengthen the connections between health centers and the community partners who offer supportive services to IPV and HT survivors and build providers’ skills on providing universal education about healthy relationships. We recognize that this work is challenging, powerful, and at times overwhelming, so we will also offer strategies for staff as they navigate toward healing centered engagement. This webinar will include a panel of people with lived experience navigating service challenges. This discussion will include conversations about the ways health centers have been able to successfully engage with panelists and ways that health centers and domestic violence programs have created barriers to care.

As a result of taking this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. List two strategies to support personal and organizational self-care.
  2. Name the behavioral health linkages between homelessness, substance use disorder, mental health, intimate partner violence (IPV), exploitation and trafficking through a gender lens.
  3. Identify the limits of disclosure driven screening practices and how universal education is tied to equity.
  4. Recognize barriers and successes as defined by people who have experienced homelessness to inform health care delivery.

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