All In For Kids Announces New Grantee Partnerships

All In For Kids is a Bay Area initiative dedicated to preventing and ending early childhood adversity in partnership with kids, families, and communities that are disproportionately affected by trauma. All In For Kids empowers communities to work collectively to promote healthy childhood development; prevent childhood adversity; and support racial, gender, and health equity in the San Francisco Bay Area.

An unacceptable history of structural racism and discrimination undergirds our systems and our institutions, contributing to violence and widespread inequities.  As a result, parental mental health is compromised, children’s behavioral health is declining, and educational, health, and income disparities continue to grow. All children possess unique skills and talents, and they need to be supported, nurtured, and developed. No matter the circumstances of a person’s birth or how their life has unfolded, now is the time to ensure that all children and their families experience equal measures of respect, dignity, fair treatment, and opportunity. This requires a disruption of business as usual and calls for breakthrough thinking to reimagine and create the experiences and conditions we know help children, families, communities, and society thrive and prosper.

All In For Kids organizations work in collaboration with community partners and each other to strengthen the social, emotional, and physical well-being of children and families in the San Francisco Bay Area 12-county region. These multisector collaborations implement innovative, community-centered strategies and policy changes focused on creating, promoting, and sustaining the types of positive experiences and conditions that children and their families need to live, learn, work, worship, and play without the burden of toxic stress, poverty, racism, or any other social, educational, and health inequities. Concentrating on equity-focused system change that reimagines the experience of healing and the necessary conditions for lifelong health, learning, safety, and security, All In For Kids grantees drive impact through multisector partnerships, upstream prevention strategies, policy accelerators, resident/community engagement, two-generation approaches, and/or financing levers that braid public and private funds. With these targeted investments, All In For Kids serves as an incubator and learning hub for the state and nation – showcasing efforts that can be sustained, replicated, and scaled.

Guiding Principles of All In For Kids:

  • Equity at the Center – Child and family support systems measure and intentionally work to close racial disparities and address racism, and also work to eliminate gender discrimination.
  • Multisector  Child and family sectors collaborate as interconnected ecosystems with shared goals and metrics across the areas of physical and mental health, family violence prevention, economic security, housing, food, education, childcare and social services.
  • Lived Experience – Communities rethink systems of care and support based on guidance and inclusion in decision-making by people with lived experience who are most affected by health inequities, family violence, and economic disparities.
  • Upstream/Prevention – Organizations and community efforts are geared not just towards healing after harm, but to preventing childhood adversity and intergenerational trauma before it happens.
  • Two-generation – Program and policy approaches cultivate family well-being by recognizing the needs of children and adults are inextricable linked and simultaneously work with children and the adults in their lives together, whether it be moms, dads, grandparents, or other caregivers.
  • Innovative Financing – Solutions expand investment in early childhood systems through creative financing, such as aligning, leveraging, and/or braiding multiple funding sources (public and private) to sustain impact.
  • Policy Accelerators – Advocacy complements and augments available policy levers to advance the work, including state and federal leadership on equity and early childhood development and well-being.
  • Spread and Scale – Change efforts embed sustainability, spread and scale as priorities.

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