ACEs Aware

Beautiful mid adult African American nurse or doctor smiles while checking a little boy's heartbeat. The nurse is volunteering at a free outdoor clinic. She is wearing a stethoscope and scrubs. The boy's mother is holding him.

Without intervention, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can create long-term physical, mental, and behavioral risks.

The good news is, healthcare providers have a unique opportunity to prevent and respond to ACEs in clinical settings, using evidence-based tools and trauma-informed strategies that promote family resiliency.

Futures Without Violence is a grantee of the ACEs Aware initiative, providing Core and Supplemental training that enables Medi-Cal providers to earn an ACEs Aware certification, allowing them to bill for ACE screening.

Note: This training series NOT limited to California providers, we welcome anyone interested in learning more about ACEs to attend!

There are three pathways to certification:

OPTION 1: *New Option for June 2022* Particpiate in the live CORE training series, which includes listening to the pre-recorded training session and attending the two live sessions, reviewing all associated materials and completing the Evaluation Form;

**Please note that Evaluations must be completed for Sessions 2&3 in order to receive credit for training. Please take evaluation that corresponds with the Session you watched, either June 2022 or November 2021.**

OPTION 2: Review ACES Aware Core training handout before attending or participating in the SUPPLEMENTAL series, which includes attending/viewing three SUPPLEMENTAL trainings, reviewing all associated materials and completing the Evaluation Form.


ACEs Aware Provider Engagement Session Recordings and Materials:

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