Building Back Better

Policy and Program Recommendations for the Biden – Harris Administration


Building Back Better for Children and Families: Recommendations to the New Administration to Address Child Trauma and Prevent Violence

The events of 2020 have brought pain and hardship to almost everyone living in the United States, with children and families of color experiencing some of the greatest burden. As the Administration seeks to build back better it is essential that they prioritize children, family well-being and emotional healing, and center women earners in their plans for the economic recovery. While this approach will be beneficial to all, it also is essential if we are to prevent future violence, advance racial equity, and ensure that our most vulnerable families are able to recover and thrive post-COVID. FUTURES recommends an integrated response that focuses on systems, science, and settings in its governing plans. Read on to learn more about these recommendations.


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Economic Security For Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence: Policy Recommendations for Cash Assistance Programs 

The Biden-Harris Administration has set forth a promising, comprehensive, and achievable plan to address and end violence against women. One of the key elements of the plan aims to strengthen social supports for survivors of domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA) to help them achieve safety and economic security and recover from trauma and abuse. This paper addresses how providing cash assistance to survivors enhances safety, stability and economic security. Outlined are a summary of existing federal, state, and non-profit cash assistance programs and how they address the short-term emergency needs of survivors. Recommendations on how these programs can be reimagined, strengthened, and scaled are also set forth below.


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