College Campus Health

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Campus health centers are a vital component of a campus-wide response to sexual and intimate partner violence on college campuses. Though survivors are often discouraged from reporting or discussing their experiences through traditional pathways, health care providers on campuses are in a unique position to be able to offer support to those survivors as well as to provide universal education to all patients about healthy relationships and how violence can affect health and academic performance. Futures Without Violence has developed several tools that help those working in campus health settings develop and implement a universal education approach and a trauma-informed response to violence. Our resources offer information on what individual providers, staff, and student health educators can do, specific clinic changes that are integral to a comprehensive response, and how to partner with on and off- campus groups also working on these issues.

Resources for Campus Health Settings:

View our IPV Health Toolkit to learn more.

Campus Leadership Program

In addition to materials and technical assistance for campus health centers, Futures Without Violence Health Program also hosts a group 10 graduate students from across the country in an annual fellowship that seeks to develop the students’ leadership capacity around responding to and preventing sexual and intimate partner violence on college campuses. Learn more about our Campus Leaders Program!

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