Changing Minds: A Leadership Institute for Educators and Community Partners

FUTURES, in collaboration with the OJJDP and other partners, developed a two-day Leadership Institute to help communities implement strategies to prevent and address children’s exposure to violence in educational settings. FUTURES successfully piloted tested the curriculum with two Defending Childhood grantees, Portland, OR and Memphis, TN with overwhelmingly positive results. FUTURES will be working to refine the curriculum and partner with additional communities to implement the Institute nationally. The Institute offers multi-disciplinary teams consisting of school administrators, school health workers, teachers, counselors, school safety, parents and community partners the opportunity to:

  • Learn about cutting edge strategies for enhancing resiliency and healing for children and youth.
  • Engage in a peer learning experience covering promising school and community practices.
  • Develop a strategic plan for enhancing opportunities for healing and wellness in their schools and community.

Modules covered during the Institute include:

  1. What is a Trauma Sensitive School?
  2. Developing a Trauma Sensitive Lens
  3. Trauma in the School Context
  4. The Cost of Caring
  5. Race/Gender and Intersecting Systems of Oppression
  6. Building a Trauma Sensitive Environment

For information on bringing the Leadership Institute to your community, email