Delphi Instrument for Hospital-Based Domestic Violence Programs

DelphiCoverThe following instrument was created by Jeff Coben and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It can be used to help track and measure a hospital’s progress in improving its institutional response to domestic violence. The instrument should first be completed before a new plan is implemented and then completed every six months, for the duration of 2-5 years.

Procedures for Administration and Suggested Uses

The attached instrument can be self-administered or administered by an independent evaluator in conjunction with a representative from the hospital IPV program. In either situation, the individual who is most familiar with the IPV program should participate in the process. The required information can be best obtained via a “site visit” of the hospital. The hospital should be provided with sufficient time to assemble the materials that need to be reviewed (3 weeks advance notice is suggested). The assessment procedures should include a review of these materials as well as a physical tour of the facility to examine posters, brochures, documentation procedures, equipment (i.e., cameras), and other supplies. Approximately four hours should be allocated for completion of the instrument.

The instrument can be used for a variety of purposes. First, the measures can serve as useful benchmarks or objectives for program achievement. Second, the assessment of an individual site’s performance can be conducted repeatedly over time to determine progress in program implementation. Ideally, sites should perform a baseline assessment prior to implementing a new program and re-assess their status with annual assessments. Third, the instrument can be used by researchers and program administrators to compare and contrast different programs across different sites. Finally, if linked to appropriate outcome measures, the instrument could be used to help determine which program features are most important in creating positive long-term outcomes for IPV victims.

The focus of this instrument is on hospital-based IPV programs. While IPV programs have been implemented in many other settings, the generalizability of the instrument to other settings, including other health care settings (such as private physician offices or outpatient clinics), has not been tested.

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