farmworker safety card order

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Health Partners on IPV + Exploitation, a project of Futures Without Violence, and Alianza Nacional de Campesinas developed a new resource on intimate partner violence, health care access, and prevention. The safety card, You’re Not Alone: HEALTH, HEALING, AND HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS provides information on healthy and unhealthy relationships, their impact on health, and resources for support.

This resource was built in collaboration with farmworker leaders from all around the United States to promote prevention and support survivors. The tool folds like an accordion to the size of a business card, there are panels that provide information about healthy and unhealthy relationships, and panels to facilitate supportive conversations about intimate partner violence. At the very end of the tool, there is space for you to add additional local resources like: referrals, organizations’ addresses, and appointment information.

Please complete the following form to receive copies of this tool to share with other colleagues and community members that might be interested in using them or learning more about them.

If you have any questions please email Camila Sanchez Tejada at