Advancing Discourse & Solutions

Young woman abducted by Boko Haram

Here at FUTURES, we know that the global landscape continues to bring new challenges and opportunities.  We also know that building a big tent with good collaboration is key to making the greatest impact.

FUTURES is fostering a new dialogue with leading experts in security, child trauma research, youth, gender-based violence, and new media to explore the links between each sector.

  • How do gender-based violence and child trauma intersect with violent extremism and organized violence?
  • How do extremist groups use gender-based violence in their operations and strategies?
  • Can a better understanding of the impact of trauma and gender-based violence improve security strategies to disrupt the recruitment to violent extremist groups?

Drawing from separate areas of scholarship, research, and policy, FUTURES is enabling a cross-sector conversation to increase our common understanding of the linkages among these issues – and lay the foundation for developing comprehensive recommendations for policy, research and programs going forward.  FUTURES believes in partnerships and in leveraging the learning and experience of experts across the globe who have worked diligently to address how gender-based violence can help scale programs and optimize their impact on communities.

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