Hildegard Koenig

Hilde_SLCHildegard Koenig

Hilde Koenig emigrated from Venezuela to Utah with her family as a teenager and is now a U.S. citizen.   She is the proud mother of two amazing individuals and a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

She obtained her Paralegal Certificate from Weber State University, after which she began her career at Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake City working closely with victims of domestic violence.  This helped stoke an already burning passion for giving voice to those who have been silenced and allowed her to stand for human rights issues.  She has worked for the YWCA of Salt Lake City, at the Salt Lake City Prosecutor’s Office as the Diversity Witness Coordinator, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and as the Community Liaison with the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office. She is currently employed by the Utah Office for Victims of Crime as the Outreach & Civil Rights Coordinator.

Additionally, Hilde is the co-founder and president of a foundation, Ink Against Cancer- Cancer Warriors Foundation.  IAC-Cancer Warriors Foundation is a unique 501c3 foundation uniting national, statewide and local artists of all mediums together to raise cancer awareness & financial assistance to support Cancer Warriors, especially children while they go through their cancer journey with their day to day needs.

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