Implementation Science: What Does It Take To Improve Outcomes?

Title: Implementation Science: What Does It Take To Improve Outcomes?

Date: Monday, April 17, 2017


Melanie MaltryImplementation Specialist, National Implementation Research Network

Allison Metz, Director, National Implementation Research Network

Webinar Description: 

Have you ever tried to implement a new practice only to find that it’s not impacting survivors and their children in the way you had hoped or expected? You work hard—training staff and adapting policies to support the new practice, and building a data system to monitor progress and outcomes—but you encounter significant barriers in the process. You may have experienced challenges with enrolling survivors, staff turnover, or the inability to secure all the resources you need from leadership to implement the new practice as intended. This is a common experience for many of us working in the domestic violence field—and it’s exactly where implementation science can help.

This webinar provides a foundational overview of implementation science frameworks and discusses the role of implementation in improving and sustaining outcomes for survivors and their children. Key areas discussed include selecting interventions, building an infrastructure to support implementation, using data for continuous improvement, and engaging stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

After the webinar, participants are able to:

  1. Share best practices in implementation science;
  2. Develop common language and shared understanding of “what it takes” to select, implement, and sustain an intervention;
  3. Use case examples to explore how frameworks can address challenges in implementation.

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