Natividad Guevara-Diaz

Natividad Guevara-DiazProgram and office Administrator, Workplace & Economic Justice

Natividad Guevara-Diaz is the Program and office Administrator at FUTURES Workplace & Economic Justice team. Nati began her career over 15 years ago in defense government contracting, working both in the public and private sectors. She is dedicated to her career to keeping C-level executives, programs, and teams organized, prioritized, and less stressed. Practicing a streamlined and intuitive approach to assistance. It rests on empathy, efficiency, and dedication to problem-solving. She is very passionate about advancing the ideals of equity and respect in the workplace and supporting the mission to end gender-based violence and harassment. Nati enjoys her time away from the office, unwinding with her family, and being outgoing, particularly enjoying anything to do with water and dance.

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