Our Strategies

Our Strategies leverage 35 years of experience in the power of collective action by bringing together government, healthcare, workplace human rights, business and education organizations to create a society-wide web of healing and prevention. Together, we are creating a future that respects the dignity and worth of all people.

ADVANCE PUBLIC POLICIES that improve the lives of victims, families, and communities impacted by violence or  trauma. 

We recognize the critical role that public policy and legislation play in protecting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our Washington D.C. team meets regularly with policymakers on both sides of the political aisle to educate and to advocate on behalf of women, children and teens who experience violence or abuse. We are coalition builders who place a high priority on policies and programs that focus on prevention, and active contributors to White House campaigns and initiatives. Societies thrive when women thrive so our international advocacy efforts address victims of gender-based violence such as rape, sex trafficking, and child marriage.

PROVIDE LEADERSHIP TRAINING AND EDUCATION for professionals who can activate positive change and help survivors heal and thrive. 

Did you know that we provide access to training for more than 10,000 health care professionals and advocates each year? We also disseminate more than one million patient/provider education tools nationwide.  From our earliest days as grassroots organizers, we’ve learned that educating and building leaders is crucial to making sustainable behavioral change.  From the training of 12702 U.S. judges in our National Judicial Institute, to co-producing educational workshops for every Major League Baseball player during 2015 Spring Training, we create conferences, webinars, online tools and resources that both empower and inform.

CREATE PARTNERSHIPS AND PROGRAMS that expand both our reach and impact on women and children exposed to violence. 

On any given day, we may be recruiting high school athletic coaches as allies in preventing teen dating violence and sexual assault, or meeting with neuroscientists about the impact of violence on a child’s brain. We believe in the power of innovative programs and unconventional partners.  If you read news headlines, you know that the timing couldn’t be better for our groundbreaking program, Coaching Boys Into Men, a 12 week curriculum that provides high school coaches with the tools they need to talk to their athletes about respect for women and healthy relationships.  To date, CBIM is the only program of its kind to be endorsed by the CDC for effectiveness.

CHANGE THE SOCIAL BELIEFS, ATTITUDES, AND BEHAVIORS that tolerate and perpetuate violence against women and children. 

FUTURES produced the very first national domestic violence public service campaign, “There’s No Excuse” in 1994, a bold action that took a private issue and made it a very public concern. Twenty years later, we still have confidence in the capacity of ideas and actions to shift behavior. In 2016, we introduced a national campaign to raise visibility about the epidemic of children exposed to violence in their homes, schools and communities.  It’s “Changing Minds” – and calls  attention to the impact that witnessing violence has on a child – while motivating adults to intervene with everyday gestures that can help a child heal and thrive.