Preventing and Addressing Intimate Violence when Engaging Dads (PAIVED)

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is defined as physical violence, sexual violence, stalking, and/or psychological aggression carried out by an individual’s current or former intimate partner. During PAIVED data collection, interviewers asked RF program and partner organization staff to think about “violence between intimate partners” when considering IPV. Interviewers felt that all staff had a good understanding of what constitutes IPV (physical violence, emotional abuse, stalking, and sexual violence). However, RF program and partner organization staff may have nuanced, individual interpretations of the definition of IPV that were not explored in this study.IPV is prevalent in society and has lasting adverse consequences for survivors and their children, including poor physical health, psychological distress, and social consequences like isolation from social networks. Given the well-established, potentially devastating consequences of IPV for the entire family, there is a critical need for researchers, practitioners, and decision makers to better understand the services that exist to help prevent IPV and address it effectively when it occurs.

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