kids-and-families_newThis  is a trying and frightening time for families, parents and kids, with daycare, schools and workplaces closed; beloved caregivers and teachers absent; everyday routines and schedules disrupted; and family members confined in close quarters. The economic uncertainty and hardships facing so many working families add to these stressful factors. Help is available through the National Parent Helpline.  Resources for parents, children and caregivers are available here:

For Families and Friends of those Experiencing Violence:

Child Welfare Clinical and Supportive Resources:

Resources for Kids Learning at Home:

Helping Children Understand COVID-19:

Recursos Adicionales para Familias en Español:

Activities, De-stressing, Self-regulation for Parents and Kids:

For Educators:

For parents and caregivers in need of additional financial support: 

  • The Families First CoronaVirus Response Act provides some paid sick leave, paid leave for some workers who need to care for sick family members, free COVID-19 testing, as well as emergency food and nutritional assistance (SNAP), and unemployment benefits for some workers whose jobs have been impacted. Those benefits become available April 2, and more details are available here.
  • Congress is considering additional Coronavirus legislation that may provide cash supplements to families. We will keep you informed of those developments.
  • Immediate financial assistance for specific needs is available here: