Resources – Teen Economic Abuse

The survey explored a number of domains related to economic abuse including interference with one’s education, intefering with one’s ability to work, and controlling one’s finances. The survey also measured respondents views on whether these behavior are abusive and an element of teen dating violence.

Check out some of our key findings on teen economic abuse.


resources-viewsSurvey One Pager – Views and Attitudes

This factsheet describes teens views on whether education/employment interference or financial control is abusive and considered dating or domestic violence.



resources-work_interferenceSurvey One Pager – Work Interference

This factsheet explores the various ways dating partners influence one’s decisions around employment and their ability to succeed in the workplace.



resource-education-interferenceSurvey One Pager – Education Interference

This factsheet explores how teens may be pressured by an abusive partner to be disengaged at school, controlling their activities, and discouraging them from pursuing their education and career goals.


resources-financial-controlSurvey One Pager – Financial Control

This factsheet shows how abusive partners may control or exploit their partner’s financial resources.



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