Give RESPECT Campaign

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The RESPECT! Campaign is a social action campaign to promote respect in relationships and increase awareness about the positive role everyone can play to help end and prevent relationship violence and abuse. It starts with something everyone can do: Give Respect to others.

Unlike many other problems in society, the Family Violence Prevention Fund believes there are concrete solutions to preventing dating abuse, domestic and sexual violence, and child abuse. Parents, teachers, coaches and mentors are living breathing role models who shape young people’s lives, and in doing so, can help shape a world free of relationship violence. By arming them with the tools and information they need to help children build and grow healthy, mutually respectful relationships throughout their lives, we can usher in an era of renewed responsibility and together, we can we can prevent and end relationship violence. We want to create a society that values respect in relationships, because healthy relationships, do in fact, keep us healthy.

The RESPECT! Campaign is a multi-year initiative supported by Macy’s, the national founding partner and exclusive retailer of the official RESPECT! bracelet. The RESPECT! Bracelet is an inexpensive but meaningful way to show that you care about the cause. The faux leather bracelet is available in select Macy’s stores across the country, and on, for only $5, with half of the proceeds from each sale benefiting the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

To learn more about ways you can help shape lives, and in doing so, shape a world free of relationship violence, visit