Teens “Talk Back” with New Avatar

cartoon cell phones

Pressuring someone for nude pics…cool or not cool? Teens can now create personalized talking avatar videos to answer that important question.

That’s Not Cool, a Futures Without Violence (formerly Family Violence Prevention Fund) public education initiative, has launched a new speaking avatar tool that allows teens to “Have Your Say” when it comes to relationship abuse. After watching an animated video addressing digital dating abuse on the homepage, users create a personalized character and voice to respond to the question posed in the video: “Pressuring Someone for Nude Pics, Cool or Not Cool?” That’s Not Cool uses text-to-speech technology that enables the teen-created character to speak the answer to the question in a voice style s/he selects. Each unique video entry can be posted and shared on www.thatsnotcool.com.

“This new tool is a personal and fun way for teens to engage in this important issue and talk about what is and isn’t cool in their relationships,” said Futures Without Violence Director of Public Communications Brian O’Connor. “It’s a way to get a dialogue going about an issue that many young people will confront.”

That’s Not Cool is an award winning national public education initiative that educates youth about healthy relationships, encourages them to draw their own digital line, and helps young people recognize, avoid, and prevent dating violence in their lives. That’s Not Cool was developed in partnership with the Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women and the Advertising Council.

That’s Not Cool has also been recently honored as a Y-Pulse GennY Award Finalist. The GennY Award recognizes the best practices of those who have applied new and innovative techniques to connecting and communicating with youth. All competitors were evaluated on their creativity, innovation, results, and their authenticity in speaking to youth, among other criteria.