Reimbursement and Payment Strategies for DV/Health Partnerships Webinar

Title: Reimbursement and Payment Strategies for DV/Health Partnerships

Date: Thursday, April 14th at 11-12:30pm Pacific, 1-2:30pm Central, 2-3:30pm Eastern

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This is a time of tremendous change in how health care is delivered in this country. Federal health policy, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and recent mental health parity legislation, is rapidly transforming the health care sector. For many survivors of domestic violence, affordable coverage is now in reach. Mandated, comprehensive benefit packages include a full range of health services for women, including screening and brief counseling for domestic and interpersonal violence. These changes in health care delivery make the time right for domestic and sexual violence programs to partner with health care providers. This webinar will help domestic and sexual violence (DSV) advocates understand the evolving health care landscape and make strategic choices as they decide whether and how to partner with health care providers in order to promote sustainability and collaboration.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of DV/health partnerships.
  • Understand recent health policy changes that present new funding opportunities for DV advocacy organizations.
  • Describe new tools and strategies for domestic violence advocates to build sustainable partnerships with health care settings

Speaker: Lena O’Rourke, O’Rourke Health Policy Strategies

Relevant materials:

California DV Advocates Guide to Partnering with Healthcare: Models for Reimbursement and Collaboration

Integrating Health Services into Domestic Violence Programs: A tool for advocates

Survivor Brochure: A Health Care Guide for Survivors of Domestic & Sexual Violence

The Affordable Care Act and Enrollment: What advocates need to know

Quality Assessment/Quality Improvement Tool for Domestic Violence Programs

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