Building The Rhythm Of Change: Developing Leadership And Improving Services Within The Battered Rural Immigrant Women’s Community

Building the Rhythm of Change CoverThis manual is geared primarily toward domestic violence service providers focused on advancing the rights of battered immigrant women and improving their access to services, but may also be a useful reference for other organizations or individuals advocating for immigrants’ legal rights.

Provided in this workbook, how to:

        • Build a cohesive group of women leaders,
        • Recruit service providers and other agencies to participate,
        • Organize and host a forum where the two groups interact equally,
        • Create commitments to make services accessible and non-discriminatory.

Also in this book, tools to secure the project’s success:

  • Checklists on setting goals, planning the forum
  • Sample sheets on using skits, setting agendas
  • Easy reference to each stage of the project
  • Exercises and workshop instructions
  • Suggestions from pilot projects

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