(Un)Heard Voices: Domestic Violence In The Asian American Community

UnHeard Voices Cover(Un) Heard Voices is based on the results of a focus group with Asian immigrant women and Asian American women from different backgrounds.

The following Voices from the Focus Group comprise the main sections:

        • Prevalence of domestic violence in Asian communities;
        • Is domestic violence cultural?
        • Who are the victims and perpetrators?
        • Is Calling the Police an Option?
        • Is Calling the Hotline an Option?
        • Barriers Confronting Asian Battered Women
        • What should happen to the batterers?
        • Is Domestic Violence a Public Matter?
        • What Can the Community do to Stop the Violence?
        • What Kinds of Services would make a Difference?

The report includes major recommendations to service providers and the Appendix Section includes national listing of organizations devoted to Asian battered women.

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