Cool Apps To Love

These apps are ones I have used or found in the Apple App Store that promote healthy relationships. Descriptions are pulled from the apps’ descriptions given in the app store.

Couple – Relationship App for Two (Free in IOS App Store)
This app is a private experience between just the two in the couple. There are no profiles for others to see, just an app for you and your significant other. Perfect for long distance couples or any couple that wants a private, more intimate experience than social media or texting. The app allows you to send videos, voice messages, photos, and real-time messaging. There is a feature called ThumbKiss where if you and you partner touch the same part of the screen your phones will start to vibrate. You can draw together or play games through the app. You can also share and collaborate on to-do lists as well as send calendar reminders for birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.

Relationship Kit (Free in IOS App Store)
By using the Relationship Kit you’ll discover what a healthy relationship is for you and your partner, you get an understanding of the contribution that each makes to the relationship, you strengthen the behaviors that positively contribute to your relationship to make and to keep your relationship healthy!