FUTURES and the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking Call on New Administration to Prevent Sex and Labor Trafficking

The trafficking of human beings, most often women and children, for sexual exploitation and forced labor is grave affront to our national values. Sadly, trafficking in persons (TIP) is a problem that continues to grow across the globe and within the United States. The Administration of Donald J. Trump is taking office at a pivotal moment in the fight against TIP.  The President has a historic opportunity to end this atrocity and chart a course towards a new age of liberty, bringing freedom, empowerment, and justice to millions of people around the world while safeguarding the jobs, rights, and security of all Americans here at home. 

FUTURES works to help victims and end trafficking here in the United States,  and, globally, we also partner with other organizations as part of the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST). Through the ATEST, we have created a new report, calling on  President Trump and his Administration to reject half-measures in fighting this moral outrage and national security threat.  We urge him to set the United States on a course to abolish human trafficking. 

Read full report HERE.