National Health Initiative to Address Violence and Abuse: Core Values

The National Health Initiative to Address Violence and Abuse is home to the health programs at Futures Without Violence, and includes the National Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence, the National Health Network on Intimate Partner Violence, Project Catalyst, the Health Alliance for Violence Intervention hospital program, and many more.

The Initiative has developed a set of core values, along with mission and vision statements, and a description of our approach:

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Mission: Our mission is to support the health and safety of individuals, families, and communities, and to promote the healing and wellbeing of those affected by domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking and exploitation.

Vision: We envision a world where health and safe relationships are a reality for all people, where policies and practices promote access to health care, housing, and economic and educational opportunities that center racial equity, immigrant rights, disability rights, individual, social and parenting supports.

Approach: We promote community-focused prevention and responses within health and advocacy programs and systems to create safe and equitable social conditions. In order to foster protective environments, we develop and host training, offer technical assistance, and develop model programs and tools for those working at the intersection of health and violence. Our strategies engage health providers, advocates, caregivers and community members across sectors to advance access to and the quality of health care and community-based advocacy for all survivors. These meaningful partnerships between survivors, providers, and advocates bring us closer to a world rooted in health, safety, and healing.

Commitment to Reflective Practice: The National Health Initiative to Address Violence and Abuse will regularly look to these values in team meetings to ensure they are being integrated into our programs. We will revisit these values every 6 months to assess our progress, and to update values as needed. We will also share these values publicly on our website to ensure external accountability as well, and we welcome feedback from partnering programs and individuals on our progress.

Last Updated: May 2021