New Online Quiz Helps Teens Draw the Line on Digital Dating Abuse


Consider this scenario for a moment:

Alex suggests that he would feel more comfortable in his and Shelby’s relationship if he had the password to her Facebook. He wants to make sure none of the guys posting on Shelby’s wall are flirting with her. Is this cool or not cool?

If you answered ‘not cool’ you’re in good company. 81 percent of users on our new ‘Cool Not Cool’ mobile quiz agree!

‘Cool Not Cool’ is the newest addition to our arsenal of tools to prevent teen dating abuse and promote healthy digital boundaries. Part of our larger That’s Not Cool program, the interactive mobile quiz engages teens in a dialogue about teen dating abuse by putting the power in their hands. After reviewing fictional dating scenarios, teens decide for themselves whether those interactions are ‘cool’ or ‘not cool.’ They’re also invited to submit scenarios of their own.

Cool Not Cool Quiz Graphic

We’re happy to report that since launch of the quiz, we’ve generated over 5,700 user-generated scenarios! Additionally, we’ve seen an increase in sign-ups for our That’s Not Cool Ambassador Program which empowers teens to take a leadership role in the prevention of digital abuse in their schools and communities.

‘Cool Not Cool’ launched this summer with the generous help of Ad Council and YouTube star Meghan Rienks, who created a video called ‘Relationship Goals vs. Relationship Fails.’ The video  Meghan shared the video with her 1.8 million subscribers, and has helped get the quiz into the hands of teens across the nation.

“I’ve always seen YouTube as a platform to voice issues that are personal to me, and I’m really glad to be able to share these great tools with my viewers,” said Rienks.

One of our favorite mantras at FUTURES is: meet young people where they’re at. With the ‘Cool Not Cool’ quiz, we did just that. In addition to accessing the quiz at, they can also interact with the quiz on Kik—one of the most popular chat network apps among teens. ‘Cool Not Cool’ is featured on Kik as a promoted chat, and teens can ask questions or send keywords to Cool Not Cool to receive specialized responses.

The launch of ‘Cool Not Cool’ has generated so much interest and participation from young people across the country! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Keep an eye out for new exciting tools and resources from That’s Not Cool in the coming months. We’ll be launching a brand new, completely revamped That’s Not Cool website that will include interactive features and digital resources geared toward teens and the advocates that work with them.

You’re also the first to know that we’ll also be releasing a new native app that will give teens daily challenges and help them develop self-care and healthy relationships. Stay tuned to get the most up-to-date information from That’s Not Cool!