FUTURES Responds to Decision to Overturn NFL Ban for Ray Rice Following Allegations of Domestic Violence


                                                                                                                                MEDIA CONTACT:
Marsha Robertson, Futures Without Violence

FUTURES Responds to the Decision to Overturn Ray Rice NFL Ban Following Allegations of Domestic Violence

The Ray Rice incident earlier this year sent a strong message to the NFL and to all professional sports leaguesthat domestic violence cannot be tolerated from their players or other personnel.

We hope that in the twelve weeks that Mr. Rice has been away from the Ravens and the NFL he has received the anger management counseling mandated by the court. We hope that he is developing a professional network of support that can help him examine the despicable act of violence that should have resulted in a criminal conviction.

But our experience confirms that anger management training alone does not provide the same opportunities as specialized battering intervention programs. Working with a group of men who come together to examine their own histories, behavior and beliefs, Mr. Rice could learn new skills that allow him to engage in healthy, non-violent relationships.

Looking ahead, Futures Without Violence will maintain our call for improved personal conduct policies that recognize the gravity of these issues for all professional leagues. We’ll continue to emphasize the necessity of comprehensive prevention education and training programs that can change the culture of violence to a culture of respect and prevent future incidents.