Raising Our Voices: Queer Asian Women’s Response to Relationship Violence

Raising Our Voices CoverRaising Our Voices is based on the results of a focus group with Asian immigrant women and Asian American women from different backgrounds.

The following Voices from the Focus Group comprise the main sections:

        • Redefining Violence in Same-Gender Relationships
        • Different Characteristics of Abuse
        • Identifying the Batterer from the Survivor
        • The Need to Respond to Emotional Safety
        • Creating Models for Healthy Relationships
        • What Does it Mean for Queer Asian Women to Feel Safe?
        • Making your Agency a Safe Place
        • Addressing Safety in the Community
        • Batter Services Are a Service to the Survivor
        • Is the Criminal Justice System an Option?
        • Helping One of Our Own
        • Considering the Impact of the Survivor
        • Breaking the Cycle of Violence in the Community
        • Community Responses are Key in Addressing Relationship Violence
        • Holistic Services: Widening Our Vision of Who we serve and How We Provide Services to Them

The report includes major recommendations to service providers and the Appendix Section includes national listing of organizations devoted to Asian battered women.

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