Survivors of Violence and Abuse Will Get Life-Saving Services Because Senate Passed VOCA Fix Act Today


The VOCA Fix Bill (S. 611)


The Victim of Crime Act’s (VOCA) Crime Victims Fund (CVF) is a non-taxpayer source of funding that supports thousands of crime victims services providers serving millions of victims of crime annually and is funded by monetary penalties associated with federal criminal convictions.


Passing the VOCA Fix Act will increase deposits into the Crime Victims Fund by depositing monetary penalties associated with deferred prosecution and non-prosecution agreements into the CVF as well as monetary penalties associated with convictions. This will continue funding for services that provide support to millions of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse survivors. 


We need YOUR help! More than 1,680 organizations and government agencies signed a letter posted below urging Congress to pass the VOCA Fix Act, and we need your help to make sure Congress gets the job done! Please contact your Members of Congress and tell them to co-sponsor and support the bipartisan, bicameral the VOCA Fix Act.