Campus Sexual Assault: What Clinicians Need to Know

Title: Campus Sexual Assault: What Clinicians Need to Know

Date Recorded: Monday, January 26th, 2015

Description: Sexual violence on college campuses is far too common a problem. The purpose of this webinar is to raise awareness about the issue and to discuss effective strategies for violence prevention and victim support. This webinar is intended to provide guidance for registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, medical doctors, and other clinicians who work with young adults.

Learning Objectives:

1) Discuss the prevalence of sexual violence on campuses and identify barriers to services
2) Discuss the role of alcohol in campus sexual assault
3) Discuss how to engage healthcare providers in effective responses to sexual assault
4) Discuss comprehensive approaches to sexual violence prevention


  • Antonia Abbey, PhD, MA Professor & Area Chair of Cognitive, Developmental and Social Psychology, Wayne State University
  • Tricia Bent-Goodley, PhD, MSW, LICSW Professor & Director, Howard University School of Social Work
  • Annie Lewis-O’Connor, PhD, NP-BC, MPH Nurse Scientist and Director, Partners Healthcare
  • Lynn Rosenthal, BASW Former White House Advisor on Violence Against Women