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person writing letter

An Open Letter to My Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

This is the third in a guest post series for

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two pairs of feet

I’m a Survivor of Abuse and This is What Dating is Like Now

This is the second in a guest post series for

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leila human trafficking talk

Human Trafficking: Breaking the Chain for Women

Can we have a future without violence? Is that even …

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friends talking - how to reaction when a friend is a survivor of rape

7 Ways NOT to React When Your Friend is Raped

This is the first in a guest post series for

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group of kids

New Research Offers Hope for Children We’ve Written Off for Too Long

“She’s withdrawn and doesn’t listen.”

“He’s been a discipline problem …

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Esta Soler March for Our Lives - march to end violence

#MarchForOurLives: A Watershed Moment in the Movement to End Violence

We were surrounded.

As the Millennials among the FUTURES board

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FUTURES Mourns the Passing of Marsha Robertson

Marsha Robertson

Director of Communications, Futures Without Violence


Marsha …

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Program News

FUTURES Recommends Criteria for Becoming Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues

Futures Without Violence joins 80 civil society groups, from a …

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Group of Children

Changing Minds: Preventing and Healing Childhood Trauma

There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul

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Why Screen? The Importance of an Intimate Partner Abuse Screening Tool for LGBQ/T Communities and Families

This webinar will expand on why an intersectional approach to assessing whether or not partner abuse is happening in a relationship is important when working with LGBQ/T communities and families.
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