Celebrate VAWA’s 22 Years of Empowering Women with Esta Soler’s Inspiring TED Talk

This week marks the 22nd anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act, landmark legislation that has drastically changed how society views domestic, sexual, and family violence. Previous to this shift in culture, most legislators thought of the issue of domestic violence as a private family matter. In fact, in 1984, one congressman referred to similar legislation as the “Take the Fun out of Marriage Act”. It took years of unrelenting effort, but the Violence Against Women Act finally became law in 1994.

In her popular TEDTalk,” How We Turned the Tide of Domestic Violence,.” FUTURES Founder and President Esta Soler speaks to the role that she and fellow activists played in pushing the Violence Against Women Act from an idea to game-changing legislation.

Esta’s talk has been seen all over the world – and has attracted almost ONE MILLION viewers!  Watch her talk below and you can help us climb the digital mountain to reach the One Million Viewer Milestone. Please pass it on!