Statement on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh

Statement by the male members of the National Board of Futures Without Violence

In RE: The Offer of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to Give Sworn Testimony Before the U.S. Senate Concerning Her Allegation that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh Committed a Sexual Assault Against Her


As men who are leaders and allies in the fight to end interpersonal violence and harassment, particularly against women and girls, we write to express our strong support and appreciation of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for her willingness to speak out publicly and testify before the Senate about the sexual assault that she says was perpetrated against her by Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh.

We believe survivors, and we believe that it is both Dr. Ford’s right and a public service for her to tell her story in a public forum and have it heard and judged on its merits.  We call on all men of good will to stand with us to ensure that Dr. Ford’s story is carefully and fully examined, without bias or prejudice.  It is imperative that the politics of this moment not be allowed to discolor the clarity of the facts that constitute this event. Justice demands that both she and her story be treated fairly, impartially and with respect.

We are a group of men with varying political and legal views. However, we are united in our belief that it can no longer be solely the job of women to speak out about the sexual harassment and violence that is too frequently forced upon them and which they too frequently suffer and bear alone in silence. We believe that too often those stories do not see the light of day for fear of the hateful backlash that often follows when women summon the courage to publicly challenge those who abuse them.

As recent events have demonstrated, that kind of virulent backlash is most acutely on display whenever those accused of misdeeds are prominent and powerful men.

Sadly, women telling their stories of abuse and harassment is not new. What is new is having those stories heard without immediate skepticism, prejudgment, disdain, and disbelief. As we near the 1-year anniversary of the #MeToo movement capturing the nation’s attention, the time has come to fully demonstrate how much progress we have made in dismantling and overhauling the dysfunctional culture that impeded progress on this critical issue in the past. That’s why we are speaking out today in favor of a just process and the rights of women, to be heard fully, fairly, and with all the same respect we accord those accused.

Peter Harvey

Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP

Nathan Brostrom

Executive Vice President for Business Operations
University of California

Judge Ronald B. Adrine

Administrative and Presiding Judge
Cleveland Municipal Court

Jeff Bleich

United States Ambassador (ret.)
CEO, Dentons Diplomatic Solutions
Partner, Dentons US LLP

William Hirsch

Peer Review Films