The Ultimate Healthy Relationship Factor: Self-Love


As you may know, February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month (TDVAM). Every February, we at That’s Not Cool do something big to bring awareness to the issue of teen dating abuse, and this year is no exception.


This month, we’ve launched a campaign called #BcIExist (Because I Exist) to celebrate self-love – the foundation of a healthy relationship. We’ll be hosting several events throughout the month under this theme, so follow along with That’s Not Cool on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out.


The #BcIExist campaign was created to remind everyone that it doesn’t matter what you look like, what your background is, where you come from, or who you are…you are valuable and deserving of respect and love.

We would love for you to get involved this TDVAM! Here’s how:

Join us on February 13 at 5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET for a tweet circle called #N8vLove to discuss healthy relationships in Native communities.



Encourage teens in your life to download our Respect Effect app, which allows users to compete in daily challenges with either a significant other or best friend in order to learn healthy relationship skills – and earn points while they do it!


We all experience points in our life where we question our value and worth, which is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. And, loving ourselves can take practice. I’m a firm believer that the energy we put out is the energy we attract; when we start to love and accept the amazing unique individual that we are, we attract loving and accepting people. Healthy relationships begin right here.

The foundation of caring for others is caring for yourself, and caring for yourself means believing in your value and knowing how you deserve to be treated. So let’s ring in February by celebrating all the wonderful things we deserve!

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