Reimagining Aging: An Afrofuturist Approach to Healing Elder Abuse and Advancing Racial Justice

Title: Reimagining Aging: An Afrofuturist Approach to Healing Elder Abuse and Advancing Racial Justice 

Date: February 14, 2024

Time: 11:30 am PT / 1:30 pm CT / 2:30 pm ET (90 minutes)

Recording w/ ASL and Spanish Interpretation

*Switch to gallery view to see the ASL interpreters. *

Presenter Bios 

PowerPoint Slides – English

Diapositivas de PowerPoint – Español

Description: Embracing an Afrofuturist lens and grounded in an anti-oppression framework, we will begin with an exploration of the unique challenges faced by elders of color, including abuse, neglect, and discrimination. Presenters will guide participants through critical conversations, dialogue, and strategic planning to gain insights into the impact of social and cultural factors on aging and elder abuse. Participants will explore strategies to address these issues and engage in reflective discussions around principles and practices of Afrofuturism and the intersections of race, age, and power dynamics. **Please come prepared to actively participate!**

Presented by UBUNTU Research and Evaluation

UBUNTU Research and Evaluation fosters research-based accountability to create an equitable world.  

Here is Why: 

  • We need to build an active bridge between the theory and praxis of collective liberation.  
  • We need to practice talking about liberation more in our day-to-day activities.  
  • We need to know that being Black is not a problem.  
  • We need to create and support Black-owned and Black-led institutions.  
  • We need to live as unencumbered by anti-Blackness as possible.  
  • We need to embrace Black aliveness. 


  • Deja Taylor
  • Koren Dennison


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