Reimagining Financial Literacy for Survivors

Title: Re-imagining Financial Literacy for Survivors

Description: Financial literacy is considered a key component of economic empowerment for many service providers in the anti-trafficking and domestic violence field. However, topics like budgeting, savings and managing credit do not always meet the immediate financial needs of survivors. During financial literacy awareness month, this webinar will highlight a panel of service providers who have expanded and reimagined their approach to financial literacy to support survivors. Panelist: Shafeka Hashash (Economic Security Project), Em Jackson (FreeFrom), Kayla Bright & Quintina Sonnie (Survivor Ventures), and Sarah Gonazlez & Carolyne Ouya (Futures Without Violence

When: Wednesday Apri 19, 2023 Time: 10:00-11:00pm PST/ 1:00-2:00pm EST

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  • Money, Mental Health & Wellness Panelist: Quintina Sonnie (Survivor Ventures)
  • Description: Quintina is the housing program director and also runs her own business called conscious choice creation. She discusses how trauma lives in the body and how we make unconscious decisions based on traumatic experiences. Kontina gives the example of her own experience of being exploited and forced into a job where she had to make choices without much choice. The choice has been taken away from her and she wants to regain her freedom of choice.
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