The Roots of Hatred and Intolerance Are Planted Early


Statement from Esta Soler, President and Founder, Futures Without Violence


“Like so many others, we were devastated by the events in Charlottesville this weekend and appalled by the hatred that led to death and destruction. As individuals, parents, communities and as a country, we must always stand up to bigotry, hatred and intolerance – and never forget that such deviant beliefs and attitudes often lead to violence.

In the aftermath of these terrible events, we are reminded that many white supremacists carry the torch of intolerance from an early age.  Children who observe the hateful actions of adults who are racists, neo-Nazis and hate-mongers often adopt the shameful views and repeat the inexcusable actions that they observe in their homes and communities.

We must remember, too, that interventions can be effective. Teachers, neighbors, mentors and others can help get a child the help he or she needs to reject hatred and find a better path. In many cases, solutions lie in early intervention.

Our children are watching and listening – and we must all take responsibility for teaching them the importance of respect for all humanity.”