Sex, Relationships, and Respect on Campus Safety Card


Sex, Relationships and Respect on Campus is a safety card designed for college-aged students of all genders. The card provides information about healthy and safe relationships, the impact of violence on health, offers multi-level prevention strategies, and outlines campus and community-based support services for survivors. The back panel includes information on confidential national sexual assault, domestic violence, and hotlines/online resources.

Like all of FUTURES’ safety cards, the purpose of this card is to be used by health care providers and health center staff as a conversation starter with all patients on the connections between health and relationships using the “CUES” approach to addressing intimate partner violence in health settings. Moving beyond the limits of disclosure-driven practice (eg. traditional screening for domestic violence), this approach ensures that all patients, not just those who are able to disclose violence, have access to information, resources and support.

It has also been utilized by resident assistants, campus-based sexual and domestic violence programs, academic advisers, and student affairs staff to augment their prevention education and trauma-informed response efforts. The card may also be provided to all students during new student orientation, distributed during campus events, and/or placed in private areas such as restrooms, and stocked on bulletin boards and in clinic exam rooms for people to take independently.

This 5-panel double sided tool folds up to the size of a business card (3.5″ x 2″).

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