Take 2 Minutes to Help Prevent Sexual Assault in Schools

Title IX Dear Betsy

UPDATE: This campaign has now ended. Thank you for your support and activism!

In support of End Rape on Campus’ #DearBetsy campaign, today we’re joining a national day of action to ensure newly appointed Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos prioritizes Title IX.

Title IX is a federal law that requires schools receiving federal funding to address sexual violence and harassment, and respond to survivors’ needs in order to ensure that all students have equal access to education.

Secretary DeVos should know right away that people care about preventing sexual assault on college campuses, as well as in middle and high schools. Let’s voice why we want her and the Department’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) to maintain the Title IX guidance and enforcement.

Join the day of action by taking two minutes to call Secretary DeVos.

Call directly at 202-401-3000. If you can’t get through, use the main Department of Education number: 1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327) (hit 3).


Sample Call-In Script

Hi, my name is [NAME], and I am from [STATE].  

I am calling because I care about Title IX’s protection of students’ rights to go to school in a safe environment, free from discrimination and violence.  

Please tell Secretary DeVos that I want the Department to keep in place the current Title IX guidance on preventing and addressing sexual harassment and assault and increase attention to those issues in middle and high schools. I also want OCR to continue its strong enforcement of Title IX and to keep publishing the list of schools under investigation for Title IX violations. As a _______________ (parent, student, advocate…), it helps me know what’s happening in my local school. Thank you.


Make your voice heard!