Institute for Leadership in Education Development (I-LED): Distance eLearning Course

Application Deadline: Friday, May 16, 2021

This training is a 12-week online educational event for OVW grantees. The Distance eLearning Course will assist OVW grantees to create interactive, inclusive, and engaging virtual education. This course is designed to help grantees to improve the design and the delivery of virtual education, utilizing best practices in adult learning and engagement online. This course will cover instructional design of live web sessions and virtual courses and will include live and self-paced sessions, office hours, and a final participant demonstration. Participants will come in teams of 2 from the same organization and should work together in education development for their organization.

Institute for Leadership in Education Development (I-LED): Webinar Series on Learning through Interactivity

This is a 4-part webinar series on adult interactivity that OVW grantees can utilize in trainings, workshops, conferences, and learning sessions. Please register for all four webinars. Registration will be capped at 100 participants to maximize participant engagement and interaction. Webinars will be recorded and disseminated to all registrants.

To learn more about each session, click the links below:

Webinar 1: Learning through Interactivity: Creating Curiosity through Learning Activities

Webinar 2: Learning through Interactivity: Creating Meaningful and Accessible Interactivity

Webinar 3: Learning Through Interactivity: How to Tell a Story, Part 1

Webinar 4: Learning Through Interactivity: How to Tell a Story, Part 2