Improving existing, and creating new gendered violence prevention programs and policies on college campuses

Title: Improving Existing, and Creating New Gendered Violence Prevention Programs and Policies on College Campuses: An Organizing Approach

Date Recorded: May 1, 2014

Description: In January 2014, President Obama announced the launch of a new task force to prevent sexual violence on college campuses. Citing that 1 in 5 women on college campuses have experienced some form of sevual violence during their academic careers, but only 12 percent of student victims report the assault. The President has called this epidemic “totally unacceptable.”

Urging a fundamental shift in attitudes around sexual violence, the President’s actions are timely considering the work of Futures Without Violence Campus Fellows across the country. Launched in the Fall of 2013, the Campus Leadership Program aimed to spur creative, student-led action to change university policy, enhance curriculum, raise awareness and shift campus culture.

In this interactive webinar, we will share what our Campus Fellows have accomplished this year within their diverse academic fields. Additionally, we will open the forum to students with experience or interest in this work, and brainstorm programatic, policy-oriented, curricular, institutional, legal, and subversive tactics to improve prevention and intervention programs on your college campus.

  • Jane Pomeroy, MSW Candidate, School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley
  • Angela Catena, PhD Counselor in Education and Supervision with focus in Women’s Studies, University of New Mexico
  • Alishka Elliott, Doctor of Medicine, Saint Louis University
  • Natalia Truszczynski, Master of Public Health, University of Kentucky
  • Kate Jae Sun Sim, Studies of Women, Gender & Sexuality and Social Studies, Harvard College