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Time for Solutions

In the months following the resurgence of #MeToo, and the …

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sexual harassment workplace

In Case You Missed It, We’re Complicit: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Perpetrators of sexual harassment do not act in a vacuum. …

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warning symbol and man

Let’s Snatch Violence and Intimidation Out of Congress

Imagine the following outrageous scenario:

A man disagrees with a …

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Fostering Safer Workplaces

Futures Without Violence along with partners Asian Pacific Institute on

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may day

May Day: Honoring Our Workers

Today marks May Day—or International Workers Day—sparked in 1886 by …

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GBV workplace report

Ending Gender-Based Violence in the World of Work

Sex- and gender-based violence (GBV) against women in the world …

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Uber Isn’t Unique When It Comes to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Shock, dismay, anger – my social media was buzzing about …

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A Cross-Sector Model for Addressing Gender-Based Violence Impacting the Workplace

Title: A Cross-Sector Model for Addressing Gender-Based Violence Impacting the Workplace

Date Recorded: November 16, 2016

Click here to access the slides. Click here to access the closed captioning transcriptClick here to access the recording.

Description: Many …

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woman nail salon worker giving manicure to client

Who is really paying for a $10.00 manicure?

FUTURES's General Counsel, Linda A. Seabrook comments on the recent revelations of the mistreatment of manicurists in major urban centers. She highlights how the Workplaces Respond initiative can help create safe and resilient workplaces for manicurists, as well as for all low-wage and tipped workers.
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Woman's face

Paving the way for change on Worker’s Memorial Day

FUTURES Staff Attorney Aaron Polkey discusses the importance of creating safe workplaces on Worker's Memorial Day and beyond.
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Woman working in field

Guest Blog Post: Farm Workers Making History in Florida

Guest blogger Guadalupe Gonzalo from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers writes about the importance of fair wages to protect workers from exploitation—including domestic and sexual abuse.
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